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30 April 2009 @ 12:05 pm
Jewelry Makers, the Interstitial Arts Foundation Wants You!  
(mods, apologies if this is inappropriate here. I thought the community might be interested in this project.)


This fall will see the publication of Interfictions 2, an anthology of interstitial writings -- pieces of art formed of words, but exploding the boundaries of story, poem, list, fiction, genre. No boundary is safe! Nor should we concern ourselves with the safety of such borders, for they are membranous things and meant to be liminal.

Great work has already been done in this area through Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing and the auction of last summer inspired by the pieces therein. In last year's auction, readers and authors took the stories from Interfictions and rendered them in wearable art form.

Through the alchemy of word and imagination and raw materials, Mia Nutick crafted evocative poem-pendants, Elizabeth Genco knotted intoxicating skeins of glittering black beads, Helen Pilinovsky invoked a terror of rats in black stick pearls, Deborah Brannon was inspired to select beads, thread wire, and execute her first necklace based on the tale of a girl and her lost brothers. So many others conceived of and brought into the world so many shiny things.

This year, the Interstitial Arts Foundation is crossing their own previously-erected borders and opening the auction up to all manner of portable art! Fancy turning out a pendant, necklace, earrings, or other jewelry item? Fantastic! Delight in weaving fiber, knitting yarn, crocheting fancies? Brilliant! Maker of bags? Shaper of masks? Binder of books? Creator of paper? Composer of music? The IAF wants your beautiful wares inspired by the stories in Interfictions 2!

Now for the tricky part: the auction will run concurrently with the book's release. But never fear! Intrepid artists can still read stories beforehand so their art is well inspired. Simply go to the IAFAuction site and cycle through until one of the story excerpts catches your fancy. Then fill out the form and soon you'll be shaping wire or clicking needles or penning songs as inspiration flits on the heels of prose.

The IAF is accepting submissions through September 20th -- the auction will take place in November 2009.

Relevant reading:

We're looking forward to seeing which story catches your eye and the art it inspires!

Interstitial Arts Foundation Auction Team